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Every Student Succeeding at Math

Karin Wiburg shares the two strategies for math success.

Dear Readers,

I always wanted to do a BLOG and this is it. At first glance it might look like separate articles but everything is connected just like random chaos has a definite pattern. This blog has a unified theme which is the following: How can technology be used to improve and change education and life? I am collecting and writing about that theme from now and then. I invite you to comment and offer any of your own solutions, inspirations, worries, or predictions. This is a crisis time for our country and technology when wise leaders can offer some solutions.


The last week gave us a perfect example of how sophisticated and educated uses of technology can provide amazing scientific outcomes. Many …

We are currently in a rough place in education because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. In fact. it has been hard to keep …

One hears a lot about systems these days. So much that happens is a result of systems. Many of us are fighting …