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Evaluation and Research Consulting

While being a Distinguished Professor of Learning and Technology (1993-2018) I wrote, received, and evaluated over $25 million in federal, state, and private grants for New Mexico State University. I am now available as a consultant to other universities, colleges, school districts, agencies and people as a private grant writing and evaluation consultant. I am also a designer of learning materials for math and literacy. I can be contacted for evaluation through the Wexford Institute,

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Academic Work and Publications

My research and teaching expertise includes STEM education, Learning and Technology, and instructional design for English Language Learners. Included in this section will be links to  an academic vitae, highlighted presentations, publications and other academic information. 

 My academic vitae  

Mathematics Education

I fell in love with teaching math and technology when starting an Alternative Student-Centered School in the 1970' Seattle, Served as an educational consultant and tech learning coordinator. Received numerous grants to develop learning materials in math and English language learning, and served as a professor and dean of research with expertise in team development.for success.  

Coloring Books, Games

 Just Pulished our new Read n Learn coloring books for K-1 kids. Very inexpensive. As a research and project director of a math project for 8 years I invite you to explore these  excellent FREE mathematics resource for kids : Check out the animations, games, and worksheets. Sponsored by the Learning Games Lab at NMSU. 

About Me


My Background

I have been involved in education since I helped start  Alternative School #1  in 1972 in Seattle. That school became a public school and lasted  for 40 years. It was a learning and student-centered environment run by  teams of parents and teacher leaders.  I finished a Masters Degree in  Educational Psychology, Univ. of Washington,1982 while teaching as a math  and ESL specialist and Title I administrator in Seattle Public Schools.

Later I completed a doctorate in Instructional Design, and was hired by NMSU.  For the last 30 years I have been a professor of Learning Design and Technology and also  Research Dean at the  New Mexico State University. I wrote $25 million in grants to help support diverse student learning in STEM Education for NMSU. I am now consulting as an evaluator and educational researcher. 


My Experience

 I have always been fascinated by learning and over the years got a degree in Educational Psychology and then a doctorate in Instructional Systems Design. While working on these long term goals I was a teacher, math specialist, TESOL teacher, and Title I Administrator. For the last 30 years I have been a Professor of  Learning and Technology, an educational researcher with multiple NSF and Dept. of Education grants, and for nine years I  served as a research dean at New Mexico State University.   My research agenda involved learning within mathematics education or English Language Learning, the study of learning systems that work in school districts, and the potential affordances of technology for learning..  I am now an educational consultant and specialize in Grant Writing and Management, Evaluation and Mathematics Education including Early Algebra. 


Awards and Special Achievements

 Dr. Karin Wiburg of the NMSU College of Education received the University Research Council Distinguished Career Award  from NMSU President Garrey Caruthers and Dean of Research Vimal Chitanya during the 2018 convocation. Wiburg was a Distinguished Professor of Learning Design and Technology, as well as the director of a STEM education research group. Since her arrival at NMSU in 1993, she built the learning and technology program and built designed and implemented a strong research agenda using learning design and technology to increase student access and success in learning English and mathematics. She has co-authored four textbooks and has written numerous articles and chapters for publication in research journals and handbooks. 


Dr. Wiburg visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam 2018

Introductory Consultation

  • I offer a complimentary one or two-hour service via Skype or other online service or IF LOCAL a short free meeting to see if I am a good fit for your project, research, or outreach  team.  
  • Have over 10,000 hours in STEM Education, Technology and Learning Design, Leader in Math and ELL Education. 
  • My counselling and instructional design degrees with 40 years of experience in K-20 education helps heal broken projects or write new ones. 

Dr. Wiburg and Dr. Trujillo when honored by the American Educational

Previous Grant Experience

Dr. Wiburg and Dr. Trujillo at a conference when honored by the American Educational Research Association for innovative National Science Foundation in 2017. While at NMSU Dr. Wiburg wrote and received over 25 million in grants, the most recent from the National Science Foundation for work in Math Education.

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