About Karin Wiburg

Dr. Karin M. Wiburg is a Distinguished Professor of Learning Design and Technology, as well as having served as the director of a STEM education research group. She served as the Associate Dean for Research in the College of Education at New Mexico State University 2004-2013.

Dr. Wiburg’s research agenda involves the use of technology-based learning environments for the improvement of student learning in literacy, science, and mathematics. Since coming to NMSU in 1993, Dr. Wiburg has written and received approximately $20 million in grants to support her research work. Over the last 10 years, a large focus of her work has involved working with school districts, mathematicians and educational researchers and practitioners to create new ways of teaching and learning math that have led to decreases in the achievement gap for underrepresented students. Prior to coming to New Mexico State University, she spent 8 years in higher education in California and 15 years as a public school administrator and teacher in Washington State and California. She has co-authored four textbooks and has written numerous articles for publication. She has been a frequent presenter at national conferences and is primarily interested in the improvement of learning environments.

Personal Introduction

My personal research agenda has evolved. For many years I focused on expanding and enhancing learning opportunities for all students through the use of learning design and innovative uses of technology. Since retirement, I have decided to focus on writing for the web and grant writing. I love to write and can provide the conceptual glue to make your proposals and projects successful. 

Receiving an award for Lifetime Scholar for Best Researcher
STEM LAB Heinrich
Senator Heinrich visits STEM Lab at NMSU
NSF Annual Conference Award

Over the last 15 years I also worked as an evaluator for grants. I was a researcher and grant facilitator for Wexford Institute.  Dr. Karen Trujillo and I were invited to a conference by the National Science Foundation for innovative materials development in middle school math.

In 2018, I received an award from NMSU as the Best Senior Researcher.

I became a university professor in 1992 and I loved teaching graduate students about learning design.

From 2004-2013 I served as a research dean for nine years and facilitated faculty research and grants.

As part of my educational work this time, I learned to write programs, courses, proposals and grants. Over my time at NMSU I helped write and received over $25 million in grants primarily in STEM Education and English Language Learning. for nine years, quit to do more learning research and run grants.


What I really enjoy is writing. What I can provide is powerful writing with clarity and purpose that reflects your voice and mission and my many years of experience as a writer, professor, and administrator.

When I retired from NMSU, I decided to focus on writing I discovered American Writers and Artists International about two years ago. I took classes and got certified as a Web Audit Specialist. I am learning the secret of powerful writing in both print and on the web. My newest interest is web copy and content editing.