Dear Readers

I always wanted to do a BLOG and this is it. At first glance it might look like separate articles but everything is connected just like random chaos has a…

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Educational Systems

One hears a lot about systems these days. So much that happens is a result of systems. Many of us are fighting to get rid of our racist system. What is…

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Addressing the Digital Divide

What a strange and difficult ride it has been for the last few months. What has emerged is a clear divide between the rich and the poor that goes into…

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Work as a Professor Researcher
A Research Award presented by President of NMSU, and Dan Howard the provost to Wiburg. Dr. Susan Brown, Dean of Education and Director of STEM Outreach is next to President Carruthers.

Work as a Professor Researcher

After working in the K-12 world I decided I wanted to influence others. I began to teach teachers about curriculum, instruction, and the integration of technology. We formed a STEM…

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Teaching Math with Music and Art
My kids learned math using all modalities, all of the senses, all of the ways of thinking and perceiving.

Teaching Math with Music and Art

I have been interested in education and teaching since I organized a pre-school in my back yard as a child in the 1950s. I worked as a classroom teacher and…

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My Life in Technology
I grew up to be a professor of learning design and technology. This is a selfie of some of my graduate students in my class and myself.

My Life in Technology

I was aware of technology very early when before the age of 6 I spent time with my dad putting together a TV from a kit in the basement of…

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