Educational Systems

One hears a lot about systems these days. So much that happens is a result of systems. Many of us are fighting to get rid of our racist system.

 What is a system? A system is an interlocking of parts to create functional actions. In order to change a system one has to learn the parts of any system and find how the parts relate. For each position in a system one has to determine the power of positions. A system can be functional or dysfunctional, it all depends on how the parts work together.. or don’t. 

 Here is a very different approach to thinking about community education. Consider the attributes of education and imagine all the different ways to do all of the following. 

Teaching can be provided by teachers, peers, parents, relatives, animals, friends.

Learning is found when teachers communicate in multiple ways with students. The learning needs of a community can be measured in terms of learning for academics or learning for work and so forth.  

Location includes many places, inside and out, sharing a building with others, and of course virtually. 

Materials and Content. What knowledge is important?  What needs to be learned? How does it need to be learned? What is best learned with technology? What is best learned using hands-on materials or experiences. 

Just suggesting instead of recreating the education of the past we might want to reinvent the education we want in a different way. Think outside the traditional classroom by thinking about all the ways to teach and learn.