Q What can I expect by using your services?

Our first step is to get to know you, even before using our services.  Usually, our process begins with a 30-minute phone call, zoom Video call, or on Messenger video, to explore if our services will fit your needs. Time is spent at the beginning so that we understand exactly what you are doing and what services you will need.

Q Do you do all the work yourself or do you outsource some parts of your project?

Between Karin and Monica, we have the ability to do almost all of the work needed on the web and related to social media. However, if the client wants something we don’t do, we are happy to help find some additional resources. Specifically, Monica works with a creativity application and Karin works as an evaluator for Wexford Institute which is described in our partnership section.


Q What is your process for ensuring success?

Our process for ensuring success is based on clear communication, solid agreements,  flexibility and trust.  We assume positive intentions and work with your vision and ideas. Frequent feedback and communication help move your project forward as quickly as possible.


Q Why should we contract for your services? 

We have a combination of over 50 years of working on the web in both education and the world of commerce.  Plain old experience adds to our value. We have a history of happy clients and many supporters of our work.


Q What kind of turn-around time will I experience?

We will work out turn-around time together and keep a common time-line which will be followed as much as possible. Any changes will be negotiated between the client and us.