We are focused on positive change for people.

Many projects require several partners and their perspective and skills to help bring success to any project.

We are currently partnering with:

1) a non-profit educational evaluation center, Wexford Institute,

2) and to help with online web presence and social media, MK Design House, LLC.

3) a university/public school partnership in STEM Education.



Wexford Institute

Building bridges of understanding to increase educational excellence and equity

WEXFORD, INC. is a non-profit educational company that provides evaluation and research, strategic innovation, and customized service. Since 1996 the company has completed work in 20 states in collaboration with educational agencies.

Sheila Cassidy, Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Karin Wiburg works for the Wexford Institute as an evaluator and researcher. Wexford Institute, a division of Wexford Inc, works collaboratively with clients to conduct a wide variety of evaluation and research services.  We use a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods, and adhere to rigorous methodological and professional standards.

Visit the website at: Wexford Inc.



MK Design House, LLC

Be seen, be heard, be successful



STEM Education

STEM center at NMSU 

MC2- Mathematically-Connected Communities

Visit MC2






Creating an online presence for people and businesses. Connecting their products and services to customers needs. 

MK Design House, LLC is a Web design, Digital and print graphic and social media content marketing company.

MK Design House helps businesses build an online presence through their website and social media content. We connect businesses and people to the customers that need and appreciate their services and products.

Monica Kekuewa is the owner and creative director. She is passionate about helping people move forward in their life and business.

MK Design House, LLC