Academic Publications

Wiburg, K., Parra, J., Macundanyi Gaspard (Eds.) (2016) The Little Book of Learning Theories, Second Edition. Charleston, S.C. Amazon Create Space A book produced by the author, another faculty member, and doctoral students enrolled in the Learning and Technology program.

Technology and Teaching English Language Learners. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon (Now from Pearson College Textbook Collection. Plan Second Ed.) (2002)

Wiburg, K.M. & Brown, S. (2007). Lesson study communities: Increasing achievement with diverse students. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Butler-Pasco, M. E. & Wiburg, K. M.

Microsoft Excel for Terrified Teachers. Westminster, California: Teacher Creative Materials, Inc. In 2003, a second edition of this book was also published by Teacher Creative. 

Dr. Karin Wiburg’s Color-N-Learn Book “ABCs and 123s for Young Learners”

Also available as a Kindle eBook.

Dr. Karin Wiburg’s Color-N-Learn Book “Tiny Tales for Young Learners”

Also available as a Kindle eBook.

Recreational Publications

writing for your life book

Writing is a powerful way for you to get in touch with yourself.

This workbook is designed to help you, the reader, get back in touch with your thoughts and feelings and learn to write in ways that will enrich your life. 

Words can help you resolve conflicts, visualize and plan your future, resolve your pain or anger, and better understand complicated situations and problems. Writing can literally help you to save and enrich your own life. This book is for everyone. I invite you to try writing for your life.

This book is for older folks who intend to live life to the fullest and want to maintain and expand a healthy love life. Each Chapter provides suggestions for enhancing sexual activity, as well as suggestions for improving communications leading to more love and sexual satisfaction. Written by a woman from the 1960’s, who has added playful images, this book is a gentle and light-hearted invitation to pleasure.