Our Niches

Karin Wiburg has worked extensively in STEM and Technology Education as well as research in higher education. Because of this background, she has strong skills in grant writing, research summaries and also she can develop copywriting and content writing for the web.

Monica Kekuewa has worked for many years as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer and currently has co-developed an app called WeCreate. She helps several businesses with content and ideas on how to promote their businesses through social media and websites.

The Process

After the first meeting (via phone, messenger or zoom), we gather information from you to start the project. Then we determine together if we need to do research to fortify your project.

We will send out a proposal outlining what we will provide for you. Then once we have an agreement on the proposal we will start the work for the project.

We ask for 1/2 of the fee before the project is started and 1/2 of the rest of the fee when the project is completed. There may be additional costs for any extra revisions beyond the second draft. We start building the project as soon as we have the information to start.

Once the design and info has been put together then a proof is created for the finalization of the work.  We will meet after the proof has been submitted for your approval and to ensure that things are going in the right direction.

After meeting on the proofs we will make final revisions and complete your project.


Grant Services: Grant Writing and Grant Evaluation

Grant Coaching

Wiburg will meet with you to assist you in formulating your grant ideas, choosing appropriate strategies to complete Requests for Application, and writing the grant with your words, your vision, and strategies that have been proven to get grants. See Grant Services to understand a variety of assistance from simply editing a grant to reading a proposal and helping you see how to begin.

Grant Writing

Working with your team Wiburg will write the entire grant for your agency or company. She has done this for a variety of universities, school districts, and educational agencies. This is more expensive than just coaching but may be worth it.

Serving as a Grant Evaluator on your Grant

We will write your evaluation plan. If you are funded, we will plan to evaluate your grant as your external grant evaluation team. We have many, many years of experience in evaluating grants.

Serve as Grant Consultant.

Even if all you want is to talk about how to find and write grants, we may be able to help as a consultant.


Web Services: Writing for the Web

Website content writing

Articles that provide additional information related to the purpose of the site. We can write articles for your website.

Blog writing

A blog is a form of informal communication that shows your expertise and stimulates interactions with your potential clients. A blog often introduces new events in a field like copywriting for the web such as the use of visuals, memes, and links to new information.

White papers and research summaries

Research is one of our specialties. A short and readable summary of research in a client’s area of interest is a great addition to the web site. Clients like to know that your product or service is backed by research. Karin Wiburg wrote summaries of research in educational technology for three years for a popular technology journal. Samples are available. (A Sample White paper)

Email Marketing 

Writing email is different from the old sales letters that used to be sent to clients. An email can be shorter and yet still be powerful. The key is to begin with a great headline and follow with proof of the product and its usefulness. Here is a funny email advertisement we wrote for practice.  EXAMPLE of Email Marketing copywriting advertisement

Landing page marketing

This is a way to emphasize and focus on a service or product you are offering. We can write a landing page that will capture the attention of a potential customer to drive them to your website. This page provides additional information for a service or product that you want to focus on.

Website Content Audit

Karin Wiburg is a licensed website content editor having studied with the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI). Even small changes on a website can bring in more customers and more readers to your site. Also many web sites just lack editing for content and data. Wiburg will consult on the content and message to improve your website and Monica Kekuewa can assist with design and site architecture and the branding of your website.

Site Content Audit Mentorship Certificate of Completion

We can start with a new web site or modify your current site to make it more attractive and active.

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Website Design, architecture and brand design

• Web architecture and Design (samples)

• Logo Design (samples)

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