Texas versus Mars: How technology works or doesn’t

The last week gave us a perfect example of how sophisticated and educated uses of technology can provide amazing scientific outcomes. Many of us were amazed by the pictures of Mars and how far we have moved in discovering space. We were also so happy that the Covid-19 vaccines seem to be working to slow the spread of the virus. Science wins. At the same time, we all watched in horror as Texas’s grid for electricity died. The Texas energy supply was the victim of a lack of use of technology by those who wanted to make a quick profit and not insulate the wires and protect them for future stability. The big question for capitalists is what is the optimum investment for the best long-term profit? How much can we invest? Where can we find the experts to manage our technology products, not just for immediate gain, but for doing well over time? Where are the workers who know how to manage the technology of energy? Are we educating our children to understand technology and science?