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The Power of the Electronic Pen

Getting on the web to find what you want is becoming more and more challenging. As the graphics bleed across our pages and dominate our searches and interactions, it becomes clear that there is something missing. Messages are often confusing, unclear and sometimes feature writing that is full of errors.  While the bells ring and the Google letters dance, we are still having trouble finding our way to where we want to go. What is unique about web-based communications? How can the writing be improved so there is increased and successful communication between companies and their clients? And at the same time, what new forms of web-based writing are possible and most effective? 

It is with thoughts such as these that Dr. Karin Wiburg decided to focus her work after retirement to provide services and assistance with writing for our electronic age. After retiring from 25 years as a professor of learning and technology, Wiburg decided to continue to focus on grant-getting and add a new focus on communication and writing for the web. She spent a year taking additional courses on writing, copy editing, and web optimization from the Artists and Writers International Association (AWAI).  At the end of her study, she knew a lot about what to do on the web, but still struggled with the mechanics of web building.  So she asked Monica Kekuewa of MK Design House to partner with her to provide the technical services that she could not master. The way in which the web site responds and flows and provides services and tools is the work of Monica. The content on the site comes most likely from Karin.

Our first focus is grant and proposal writing.  This is an area of proven strength for Wiburg, having written and often managed over $25 million in grants in STEM education and bilingual literacy for New Mexico State University. Please check out our tools, articles and services available for help with grants, proposals, and with the evaluation of grants. This blog will continue and next I will discuss what is really different about writing on the web.

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