Zooming on the Holidays

In my extended family we met over Zoom on the holidays. My grandaughter, Leah and grandson Jasper, put together Zoom groups of our family from across the country. For Halloween we all showed up on Zoom with costumes and shared the recipe for what we were drinking.  By Thanksgiving Jasper taught us all how to play games together online. During the Christmas holidays we evolved the game, called Categories, into a serious competition that we played online in real time To play the game the Zoom group thinks up categories  and we used Christmas categories like decorations, gifts, new years resolutions, etc. We used the computer to generate a letter and then each person listed as many things as possible. Whoever had a word the others didn’t have got a point. We played to like five points. 

Technology sometimes offers only a shopping mall environment. Zoom meetings are often hard and exhausting, but using Zoom to connect across the country over the holidays worked for my family this year. The theme of this blog is technology and life. This is an example of technology keeping my family connected on the holidays